Has Baby’s mealtime gotten a little out of control with food throwing and plate frisbees? Rein in mealtime with the help of our Octopod® baby plate set at Abiie® Malaysia. Our children’s silicone dishes come with suction cups, in true octopus fashion, so that your little one’s peas and carrots stay on the plate. These dishes are designed to work on all flat surfaces, so you’ll never have to worry about your little pitcher in training tossing his dinner again. That means more time teaching him how to enjoy a meal and less time cleaning the floors—because every second with your little one matters.

  • Why Choose an Octopod® Baby Bowl and Plate Sets?

    Our Octopod® bamboo and silicone dishes are popular among parents and children alike. You’ll love the fact that the suctions are designed to stay stuck to any high chair tray time after time. And your little one will love getting to eat with their favorite, fun dinnertime companions.

    Our baby bowl and plate sets, which all include spoons, also stand out for being totally food safe — no need to worry about chemicals leaking into your little eater’s meals. In addition, our set contains no toxic materials, such as lead, PVC, phthalate, and BPA. These dishes are oven, microwave, and dishwasher safe as well, which means you can easily prepare your child’s meals again and again. Make your child’s mealtimes more exciting and spark their desire to try out new meals with the help of our one-of-a-kind baby plate set.

  • Why Shop for Baby Products at Abiie?

    At Abiie® Malaysia, we are honored to produce top-of-the-line, practical products for both children and their parents to enjoy for years to come. Based in Austin, Texas, we have developed a strong reputation over the years for our innovative product designs combined with our excellent customer service. 

    Our products, ranging from the popular Beyond Junior® Y High Chair to the Huggs® Baby Carrier, are innovative, whimsical, and convenient to use. If you have any questions about our offerings, we’re happy to help. Learn more about our many products and order your favorites to enhance your little one’s childhood today!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What safety features are good to look for in a baby plate set?

Look for baby plate and bowl sets that are completely non-toxic, meaning they are made of eco-friendly materials like silicone or bamboo. Your child’s plates should be free of harmful substances like lead, PVC, and BPA.

2. What is the best way to maintain an Octopod® baby dish?

Once you purchase your child’s dish, be sure to wash it before using it for the first time. After it’s used, use a cloth or sponge with soapy water to clean it. Avoid using abrasive products during the cleaning process.

3. Are divided plates best for a young child?

Yes, divided plates can come in handy for both infants and toddlers. Infants have a tendency to knock food sideways and off the plate. Divided plates lower the chance of food ending up on the floor as opposed to separate sections. For toddlers who are picky eaters, a divided plate helps keep all of their foods separate and avoid mixing textures.