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    All of our bamboo baby products at Abiie® Malaysiaare ergonomic, featuring three compartments that are perfect for your child’s favorite treats, snacks, and meals. The separate compartments will make it easy for your child to grasp, study, and taste each individual item before moving on to the next one. They’ll also meet your picky eater’s no-food-touching standards. 

    You’ll also love the fact that our baby bamboo feeding set will help you to decrease your carbon footprint by eliminating the need for plastic and paper products. Go green while allowing your child to master self-feeding with these bamboo baby products today.


    At Abiie® Malaysia, we are excited to make your and your little one’s day-to-day more seamless and enjoyable. That’s why we offer a wide range of innovative baby products, like our Beyond Junior® Y High Chair as well as our Huggs® Baby Carrier. Explore our collection of baby items and order your favorites today!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. In addition to making self-feeding easier, what is a benefit of using a baby dish with divided sections?

Dishes with divided sections help prevent your baby from wiping food off their plate. Instead of going off the plate and onto the high chair tray or floor, the food goes into other sections. For toddlers who are picky eaters, divided dishes help separate foods from each other that may have textures your little one doesn’t like.

2. What warranty comes with your bamboo baby products

Our baby dishes come with a one-year warranty. That means if you happen to discover a material or manufacturing defect in your product, your dish will be replaced for free.

3. Are the bamboo dishes easy to clean?

Absolutely! You can wash these dishes in the sink or even in your dishwasher. If you want to hand wash them, use warm or cold water and mild soap. In addition, use only a soft cloth or a soft sponge; avoid using steel wool pads, which can scratch the dishes. Then rinse your clean dishes with cold or warm water. Finally, dry the bamboo dishes thoroughly with a towel.